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We need your help.  The number of kids that can participate is often limited by how many coaches volunteer. We need good coaches.    

Girls CoachesIf you would like to volunteer to help coach a girls team, please contact Steve Stanley 


Boys Coaches: To volunteer, please fill out the form below.

Coach's Meeting: Coach Lewis will be holding a meeting for all prospective boys LYB coaches on 8/17 at LHS in the Lecture Hall (across from the Aux Gym 2) at 6:00pm.  Please plan on attending if you are interested in coaching.

Should I sign up to coach? 

Coaching is a significant time commitment, but it is very rewarding and we have lots of resources and tips to help you get started.  The leagues we play in follow full high school rules and are very competitive.  You should be comfortable with concepts such as different plays you would run against man and various zone defenses, press breaks, out-of-bounds plays and the correct form for skills such as screening and boxing out.  If you want to coach, but are not sure you are ready, you can always volunteer to be an assistant coach.

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