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6 Common Mistakes of Young Players

Making mistakes in basketball is inevitable. However, through forming the proper habits these mistakes can be eliminated completely.

lehi youth basketball player - defense!

6 Common Mistakes

1. Focused on personal stats.

2. Put way more time, effort, and pride into scoring.

3. Only give the minimum effort required.

4. Taking bad or average shots instead of passing to open teammates.

5. Complaining to the refs, and making excuses.

6. Can’t take criticism, and won’t be coached.

Work on eliminating these 6 mistakes to become an MVP for your teammates, and your coaches. Here are 6 good habits to focus on, to help prevent you from making these mistakes.

6 Good Habits

1. Focus on the team, the game, and the scoreboard.

2. Spend an equal amount of time and effort on defense, rebounding, conditioning, and offense.

3. Show up to practice or workouts 15-30 minutes early, and leave 15-30 minutes late. Use the extra time to work on weak areas of your game.

4. Take open shots within shooting range. Pass to open teammates.

5. Let coaches talk to the refs. Commit to yourself to not make excuses.

6. Treat criticism, and coaching advice like your favorite candy. Seek it, and devour it!

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